The Original Cuda is back!

The best cleaning parts washer ever produced is back in production. The Cuda Model 2518 – originally called the Cuda H20 was first created in 1993 and helped revolutionize the parts cleaning business while making Cuda the number one brand of parts washers in the country.

Cuda is excited to bring this cabinet back into production. The whole team has been hard at work on the 2518 top load Cuda Parts Washer series, and that hard work has paid off. The first production 2518 parts washer left the Cuda manufacturing facility on September 2, 2021, on its way to its final destination.

With a working height of 18 inches, turntable diameter of 25 inches, and load capacity of 500lbs. the 2518 is the largest top load parts washer manufactured by Cuda. It comes standard with a time-tested chain drive assembly, a virtually maintenance-free vertical seal-less pump, low water shut-off, and a disc oil skimmer that can be automated for convenience in disposing of oil. Extra-easy access to the sump and removable debris screen set it apart from other top-loading parts washers on the market.

Cuda automatic parts washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts because they don’t use harmful cleaning solvents to clean. Our automatic parts washers also provide a time-saving, easy parts cleaning solution for your staff allowing them to simultaneously clean parts while performing other tasks.

Cuda Parts Washers are manufactured in the United States and built to last the test of time. We will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations on the 2518 series parts washer, just as we do with all of our product lines.