Benefits of a Cuda Parts Washer

Experience Quality Performance With Specialized Parts Washers

Cuda Cleaning Systems specializes exclusively in parts washers and accessories that effectively clean components made of metal, plastic, and even rubber. These systems are capable of handling small parts and large assemblies. They are limited only by the cabinet size, and they are especially effective in removing petroleum products, dirt carbon, and metal shavings.

Count on us to be the innovators in parts washers. Our products offer top performance as well as more standard features and options than with any other brand in the industry.

Why waste time cleaning parts manually? With items offered by Cuda Cleaning Systems, you simply load the components, close the roll-in door, and push “Start”. Each of our products can typically support three to four technicians or mechanics who would otherwise spend hours washing parts by hand, exposed to harmful solvents.

Our parts washers allow your employees to concentrate on jobs that produce income. This means that the parts washer could pay for itself in a year or less.

Our systems are based on safe aqueous cleaning. With this, you don’t have to worry about the potential health hazards and disposal problems related to solvent use.

When you buy a parts washer from us, you’re assured of timely and professional service through our national network of distributors. They can provide you with expert advice and support because they specialize exclusively in parts-washing equipment and supplies.

Cuda Cleaning System detergents are designed specifically for use in our parts washers. We carefully design, blend, and manufacture our own detergents to ensure that they outperform all other options in the industry.

Cuda Cleaning Systems is recognized globally as a leader in cleaning solutions. In North America, Cuda automatic parts washers deliver effective and time-saving solutions for professionals.