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Introduction to Cuda

Cuda manufactures automatic parts washers used in the repair industry.

Cuda automatic parts washer cabinets are used in auto repair, diesel repair, agricultural repair; also in the oil industry, aviation industry, and in many factories to clean parts.

Dirty parts are placed on a rotating turntable while pumps spray hot, soapy water heated up to 180 degrees F--and detergent strips away dirt, oil, grease and most other contaminants.

Cuda parts washers effectively clean a variety of parts made of metal, plastic and even rubber. They are especially effective in removing petroleum products, dirt carbon, and metal shavings. The cleaning solution flows to the bottom of the parts washer where it is reheated, filtered, and reused.

Cuda parts washers come in two basic styles: front load and top load systems. Each style includes the same basic components, a turntable to move the parts, spray manifold with nozzles, a centrifugal pump, drive motors, heat source, wash and heat controls, oil removal system, sump strainer and a wash reservoir. Reservoir capacities range from 20 to over 150 gallons.

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